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GetPaidmail Important News 2 Janauary 2020. Click here to read!!

GetPaidmail Important News 2 January 2020 MUST READ!!!!!

Starting from February 20. 2020 GetPaidmail will change into Ad Only, this means that you can use your money and points for advertising only: no new payout request can be made anymore after this date!!
Unfortunally, and to our great regret, we have to change the site because a lot of things happened last years, which makes it not worth anymore to run GetPaidmail the way it runs now. s we want to give everyone the oppertunity to request payout we decided to keep the payout page open till February 20. 2020. If you don't request payout, you can use your cash only for advertising from February 20. 2020! So be sure to request your payout as soon as possible if you want to receive your cash balance. Please notice: to get paid, you must have correct payout info, correct home address info and your account must not be on status "Donotpay". (No excuses possible!)
You can find your acount info, Click here to check your INFO!.
To change your info, Click here to contact us
Notice if you not get any answer and see any changes after 72 hours, please send in ticket via our planet-traffic ticket system and save your ticket number so your question can not be losed in SPACE! Click here to send a contact ticket via our planet-traffic ticket system

If you haven't reached payout yet, some great ways to earn are Paid to Click, Paid to Signup and our Offerwalls.
Click here to visit the paid to Click area
Click here to visit the paid to Signup area (many new offers added comming weeks)
Click here to visit one of the offerwalls and find more offerwalls via the offerwall menu!

TimePlan to 20 February and later!!

2 January 2020 -> Announcement of the news!
2 till 9 January 2020 -> All Year/Month upgraded members will be refunded the remaining periode, in their account!
9 January 2020 -> Payouts will be made for MyFreeShares.com, GetPaidMail.com, JillsClickcorner.com
16 January 2020 -> Payouts will be made for Donkeymails.com, Youromail.com, no-Minimum.com
16 January till 20 February -> Payout pages stay open to request payout: during this time we still make some payouts. Starting with highest balance that NOT request a FULL payout.
21 February - > Payout page will be closed permanently. No new withdraws are possible anymore after this date! Be sure you request payout and have all correct info before this date!! (No excuses possible!)
21 February -> Website will go further as Ad Only, so you still can earn money, and use it easy for advertising via our redemption pages! (we help you as well with some good sites to use the advertising for to earn real cash)
21 February till 1 April -> All open payouts requests will be made. We try to make them as fast as possible, but ofcourse there can be a small delay as as of the huge number of requests we will receive! !

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